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Spying, Not Just in Adulthood: Part One SchoolPrivacy

This starts part one of your's truly going over how the united states public schools system has been known to not be the best people to trust with student privacy and sometimes even violate it themselves. This is currently from the prespective of a said student in a public school in the US.

What started me going onto this topic? #

I'm glad you asked, me. It all started on a Friday, specifically, September 25th, 2020. I have recived an email from an automated system called "gaggle". The email goes as follows:



The link at the bottom of this email is for something that was identified as inappropriate.
Please refrain from storing or sharing inappropriate content in your files.

If an item is not included with this email, it is likely that the file name, folder name or content is inappropriate.

The Gaggle Team

User Email: [REDACTED]

Links to Detail:

Being that I am not normally the one to store illegal things, especially on an account not administered by myself I got to thinking: "Why did I get this email, and second of all... WHY IS EVERY FILE BEING MONITORED?". I, later that got to asking school administration. The answer I got was simple, but not good enough:

<Me> Hey $ADMIN 1
<ADMIN 1> Hey, $Me.
<Me> I got this email today, you were CCed in it and I was wondering why I have recieved it.
<ADMIN 1> Well I dont know let me take a look.
ADMIN 1 Looks at the email
<ADMIN 1> Ah this is automated, do you mind if I look at this presentation?
<Me> Yeah, sure.
<ADMIN 1> Looks like nothing. Its an automated system. I get CCed by it alot. It is suppossed to be there for the safety of the students.

Later that day I had realized what triggered the automated system. When I was working on the presentation late at night I had typed in three words:

Fucking kill me

The automated detected it in under 30 seconds. Dont get me wrong, this system has a use. For example to find a student keep a hoard of pornographic materials on their school provided account, or even worse illegal photos of said student or other students. But I think there needs to be a better way.

Next week: school issued devices