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Spying, Not Just in Adulthood: Part Two SchoolPrivacy

This week on this mini series in privacy in our schools...

School issued devices! #

With the advent of large scale homeschooling due to the SARS-COV-2 virus, here in america every single student has most likely been in online school for at least a week. I personally have not been able to count up all of the time that I have been in online school and starting some time this week after publication ill be going to online school for the rest of my school year.

With students being online many schools have had students with no devices at home to be able to complete school work with. In comes the school issued devices these devices which are owned by the school and are only being leased out to students still bring some privacy and security concerns to students. In my area with many of my fellow students being lower middle class or above most of us have some sort of device and do not wish to use the school's provided device, upon trying to give back the device we are told

Just take it, ok?

After trying several times we have all given up but with that brings malicious compliance. What I have done with my school issued devices is that I turned this oh so wonderful chromebook I was given into a clipboard. This was done by using Siemens solid edge for CAD and using an INTAMASYS FUNMAT HT printer to print out the clipboard clips. Images will be added this week